Hi! I’m Emma Crumb. I live in the wilds of windy England and dream of wearing a hat. I used to write and draw on paper but my stories and drawings just kept blowing away. I like to think there’s a herd of cows out there somewhere, looking at my drawing of Jools, the Jersey cow, doing a jig on a bucket, dreaming of a life on the stage.

I’m the author and illustrator of ‘Love Magic and the Cupid Fairies’, a children’s novel and two picture e-books, ‘Please, no peas!’ and ‘It’s Halloween!’

I’ll only eat peas if they’re served as a smiley face and at Halloween I like to dress up as a ghost. If you happen to meet me, be sure to say ‘Hi’ and ‘How do you boo?’

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emma@emma crumb.com

If, however, you are a cow with ambitions of dancing the jig on a bucket, please don’t get in touch. I would suggest instead that you contact your local dancing school and buy a bigger bucket.

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‘It’s Halloween!’ is out now on Utales: